Outlook Festival

Outlook Festival started taking place in Pula in 2015, at the Monte Kristo fortress. The Festival is known after celebrating the soundsystem culture, which means it offers a wide array of musical styles: reggae, dubstep, drum&bass, grime, jungle, hip-hop, techno, house, garage. The musicians who come to the festival are both veterans of these kinds of music and new talents who still need to prove their status on the scene. Unlike similar festivals on the Outlook Festival rap musicians especially stand out. The opening of the festival is held in Arena where the historical architecture merges with irresistible music system, which makes this festival unique among similar festivals. The time when the festival is held is also unusual because most of the summer festivals are held during July and August and Outlook is held in September. The visitors of the Festivals mostly come to Croatia by plane and they land to Pula Airport, Rijeka Airport, Zagreb Airport, Zadar Airport and Split Airport. From the airports to Pula they travel using taxi transfer services. Holiday taxi transfer services are available at all of the previously mentioned airports. You can book your Holiday taxi transfer online in order to travel safely and comfortably to your destination at very affordable prices. 

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